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Unlicensed Driving QLD – What are the reasons for the offence?

Here are some of the circumstances you will be considered not to have a licence:

  • You have never held a licence
  • If your licence has expired and you haven’t renewed it
  • You voluntarily surrendered your licence
  • Your QLD licence has been suspended or cancelled because you are medically unfit to drive safely
  • You are driving a vehicle that you don’t have the class of licence for
  • You’ve accumulated too many demerit points or had a high speed offence and as a result have had your driver licence suspended
  • You have been disqualified or suspended from driving due to a drink driving or drug driving offence
  • You have not paid fines resulting in your licence being suspended
  • After completing a period of disqualification, you don’t get another licence before starting to drive again.

These are just some of the reasons you will be considered not to have a licence. If you have been caught driving in these circumstances and are convicted, a Court may penalise you with a maximum fine amount or you may be imprisoned for up to 1 year.

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