If you have accumulated demerit points as a Queensland P-plate driver, the consequence does not have to involve license suspension. In many cases, choosing a one-year good driving behaviour (GDB) license in QLD may be your best option.


What is a Good Driving Behaviour period?

A Good Driving Behaviour period is one-year option for some drivers who are facing license suspension. During this period, a driver cannot accumulate any demerit points, or else the consequences may result in a longer license suspension.


What is a Good Driving Behaviour period for?

When a Queensland P-plate driver, or a driver on probation, has accumulated four or more demerit points in a continuous one-year period, they have two options for their license. They can choose:

1. A three-month license suspension
2. To drive with a Good Behaviour License.

These options will be sent in an ‘Accumulation of demerit points – notice to choose’. Once received, you must select an option before the allocated due date. If you don’t reply by the date, you forfeit your ability to choose and will automatically receive the three-month suspension.

Driving is a necessary lifeline for most people in Australia. The good behaviour license allows QLD P-plate drivers and drivers on a probationary license to keep their current license and continue driving to school, work, university, or anywhere.


What happens if you accumulate more than 1 demerit point during a GDB period?

Although the good behaviour license saves drivers from a three-month license suspension, breaking its terms can result in an outcome that is twice as harsh. If a driver gets more than one demerit point while they are in the Good Driving Behaviour period, their license will be suspended for 6 months.

If your license is about to be suspended, you may be eligible for a Special Hardship Order. Also known as a Special Hardship License, this order allows you to keep driving under specific conditions. Other than obeying the conditions on the order, you will also need to carry the physical order and any special hardship variation order every time you drive.

Although the option seems favourable, it can be difficult getting the right documentation together and successfully appealing your case to a Magistrate. However, GC Travel Lawyers have gone through this process before and are a huge shoulder to lean on during this trying period.

If you are facing a suspension on your Queensland license for too many demerits, or another reason, having the right lawyer will ensure you get the best outcome. At GC Traffic Lawyers, we handle the entire legal process, whether you need to acquire a Special Hardship Order or just avoid harsh penalties. Get in touch with our long-standing, expert team today.