Have you been caught driving while disqualified? Driving while disqualified is a serious offence in QLD, particularly given that it is seen as an affront to the Court system and Magistrate as you have ignored a direct order not to drive a motor vehicle. Call GC Traffic Lawyers now on 07 5528 6665 for some free advice on how best to proceed in this situation.

There are numerous reasons you could have had your driver licence disqualified, such as being convicted of a:

  • drink or drug driving offence
  • dangerous driving offence
  • criminal offence involving the driving or use of a motor vehicle.

If you then drive a motor vehicle in Queensland while disqualified from holding a driver licence, you will be charged with disqualified driving. If you are convicted of this offence, the Court must disqualify you from holding a driver licence for an additional period of at least 2 years up to a maximum of 5 years. You may also receive a significant maximum fine or face a prison term of up to 18 months.

Driving while disqualified QLD – Be defended by specialists

Given the severity of the penalties, it is therefore crucial that you approach a qualified specialist traffic lawyer, such as GC Traffic Lawyers. How long can you go without having a driving licence before you lose your job and your ability to earn an income to provide for your family? Or worse, how will you or your family cope if you receive a prison term? We have years of experience in dealing with cases of driving while disqualified so we know the law inside out and we believe we can get you the best outcome possible. Many law firms deal in cases of driving while disqualified, however it may not be their main focus as they also deal with a broad range of other legal cases. At GC Traffic Lawyers, traffic law is absolutely our focus, so you can rely on our expertise to minimise the damage in these situations.

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