Are due to face Court to defend a drug or drink driving (DUI) charge? Have you accumulated too many demerit points on your licence? Have you been charged with a high speed offence for driving in excess of 40km’s over the speed limit? Have you been caught driving unlicensed whether inadvertently or not? GC Traffic Lawyers are the leading Gold Coast Traffic Lawyers that can help you in these, and many more, situations.

GC Traffic Lawyers – Leading Gold Coast Traffic Lawyers

Why use a traffic lawyer in first place when you can represent yourself? For the same reason that you get a mechanic to fix your car – it just makes sense to get a professional to do the work. In the case of traffic law however, the stakes are potentially much higher. What if your job was at risk if you were to lose your licence? How would your provide for your family? In this context, it just isn’t worth taking the risk of representing yourself in Court in front of a Magistrate if you haven’t experienced that before and have no detailed understanding of traffic law. If you fail in your application for a Work Licence QLD or Special Hardship Order, you can’t then go to a traffic lawyer to try again – its not possible to apply a second time.

If you have decided to use a traffic lawyer, then why go with GC Traffic Lawyers? Here’s why:

  • We specialise in traffic law. Many Gold Coast law firms only provide it as an add on to their services. For us, its all we do, so we know traffic law better than anyone else.
  • We have a Money Back Guarantee. At the start of the process, we sit down and agree an outcome for you. If we don’t meet that outcome, you get your money back, no questions asked. No other traffic law firm in Queensland offers this.
  • We have a 100% success rate when applying for Work Licences and Special Hardship Orders. We’ve never had a client miss out.

All these reasons make GC Traffic Lawyers the leading Gold Coast traffic lawyers. Call GC Traffic Lawyers now 0n 07 5528 6665 for a free initial consultation. Gold Coast Traffic Lawyers you can trust.