Do you need a DUI lawyer? That’s a question we are often asked at GC Traffic Lawyers. It is possible to represent yourself in Court after all. Of course there are many things that you can do yourself instead of paying a professional. Whether its fixing your car or building a patio, you can either do it yourself or you can pay a pro to do it for you. When it comes to defending yourself in Court in front of a Magistrate and the outcome could be that you lose your licence, get an enormous fine and as a result lose your livelihood, then its clear that this is a situation that you should hire a professional DUI lawyer to handle for you.

The Leading DUI Lawyer

The number 1 DUI lawyer on the Gold Coast, and in Queensland for that matter, is GC Traffic Lawyers. We are the only DUI lawyer that offers a MoneyBack Guarantee on our service where if we don’t meet the outcome you are looking for. Whether its saving your licence by getting you a Work Licence QLD or hugely reducing a fine, we will give you your money back if we don’t meet an outcome that we agree at the start of the process. No other DUI lawyer in Queensland will give you this assurance. That’s how confident we are of achieving the best possible outcomes for you.

Give GC Traffic Lawyers a call now if you have been charged with DUI on 07 5528 6665. We are happy to have a free initial consultation to discuss the best approach for you and what the likely outcomes that can be achieved are. So, don’t risk losing your licence, its just not worth trying to defend yourself, leave it to the experts and ensure you have the leading DUI lawyer representing you in Court.