Are you looking for a traffic offence lawyer in Brisbane? GC Traffic Lawyers are experienced traffic lawyers who handle all cases of traffic law and we service Brisbane, Gold Coast and the corridor in between. Go to our areas of service page to see if we cover your area.

What can our traffic offence lawyers help you with?

GC Traffic Lawyers have many years experience in dealing with all cases of traffic law. These include:

Drink driving (DUI) – If you have been caught driving over the legal limit, which for a standard licence is 0.05 BAC, you will face losing your licence and massive fine. We can help get a reduced suspension and fine and also get you a Work Licence which could keep you on the road under certain circumstances and strict criteria.

Drug driving – We can also help if you are facing a drug driving charge by getting you a reduced fine and suspension. We can also manage a Work Licence application for you to keep you on the road as well.

High speed offences – If you have been caught driving 40km over the speed limit you are deemed to have committed a high speed offence. You will be facing a suspension of at least 6 months depending on the circumstances. We could get this minimised for you and also manage a Special Hardship Order application for you. A Special Hardship Order (also known as a Special Hardship Licence) allows you to drive under special conditions based on strict criteria.

Unlicensed driving – you may have been caught unlicensed driving if you have forgotten to renew your licence or got your disqualification period mixed up for example. Either way, you will be facing significant penalties unless you appoint a traffic lawyer such as GC Traffic Lawyers to represent you in Court.

Demerit points suspensions – If you have accumulated too many demerit points and face losing your licence, we can help present your case in Court to minimise your fine and/or suspension.

Careless driving and dangerous driving – Careless and dangerous driving are serious charges and can have very serious consequences including jail time, depending on the circumstances. It is crucial if you have been charged with one of these offences that you appoint an experienced traffic lawyer to represent you in Court given the stakes will be high.

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