Government servers keep a tight record of traffic history offences in QLD, so it pays to know where you stand. You can find your individual record by applying for a driving history check. The information in this report will be necessary for many reasons. From applying for professional driving jobs to getting cheaper insurance, you will need to provide a driving history check.

If your traffic history has been pulled up and used against you, our expert traffic lawyers can help.


What is a traffic history?

A traffic history is a record of previous traffic offences committed by a driver. These details can be requested and will be provided as a traffic history report displaying 5 years’ worth of a person’s traffic offences. A longer time period can be requested for the report if it’s required.


What is on a traffic history report?

In order to keep a detailed record of driver histories, traffic history reports in QLD will include personal details along with information on individual offences committed within the past 5 years.

The identity information in the report will include the driver’s:

  • Full name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Residential address
  • License number.


The details outlining each offence will include:

  • The date of the offence
  • A description of the offence (including where it occurred)
  • The penalty (e.g. demerit points lost)
  • The date of the result.

Within the timeline, you will be able to see the dates for any license suspensions, cancellations or disqualifications, and more information that’s vital knowledge for future decisions. And although the report is written in technical terms, a glossary is included at the end to ensure you can fully understand it.


Why you may need a driving history check

Your driving history can have a significant impact on a number of situations. And in many instances, you will be required to pull up your traffic history in QLD. There are 3 mains reasons why you may need a car history check in QLD.


1. Cheaper insurance

Car insurance companies attempt to gauge how risky a customer you will be and build your policy with that in mind. Therefore, if you have driven dangerously in the past (e.g. excessive speeding or running through a red light), they may increase the rates on your insurance policy. On the other hand, providing a spotless driving record may help you acquire cheaper insurance.


2. Avoiding harsh penalties for future offences

Getting pulled over or receiving a speeding fine is always unexpected. And how you respond has a significant impact on the result. If you do have many offences listed in your traffic history, you may receive a harsher penalty if you challenge a later offence in court. Being clear on your traffic history can help you make more informed decisions.


3. Getting a driving job

Many companies hiring professional drivers will ask applicants to provide a traffic history report. Not providing this documentation may even get you rejected as a candidate for the job. From working as a driving instructor to setting up an Uber driver account, your traffic history in QLD can affect your job chances.


Who can access your traffic history?

Your traffic history is personal information. However, there are a few entities who are allowed to retrieve it without your consent. Besides the record owner, the parties that can access the record without consent include:

  1. Police offers (for the purpose of their job)
  2. Your appointed Power of Attorney
  3. Courts (by court subpoena)
  4. Authority who grant or issue driver licenses
  5. People representing an authorised government agency.

You also have the option to give consent for another person to access your traffic history report. They will need to complete the relevant forms and pay the fee. Then, to successfully obtain the driving history check, you will be contacted during business hours to verbally give consent.


If you wish to appeal a traffic offence, but are concerned about how your traffic history report may affect the outcome, consult a traffic law expert. You can contact GC Traffic Lawyers for a free consultation today.