Speeding Suspension & Special Hardship Order

Have you been caught speeding and face losing your licence or a heavy fine? If you have been caught driving more than 40 kilometres over the speed limit you will be deemed as committing a ‘high speed’ offence. In this case, you will be facing a suspension of at least 6 months. Specialist speeding lawyers GC Traffic Lawyers can help you avert disaster by earning you a Special Hardship Licence, also known as a Special Hardship Order.

There are many reasons people give for speeding. A common reason is confusion over the road rules, in particular where there are road works or school zones. Others cite that they are running late to pick up the kids from somewhere and they didn’t them waiting alone. Or it could be that they dispute the charge of speeding. A high speed offence is a serious charge, so whatever reason you have, it makes sense to appoint a speeding lawyer like GC Traffic Lawyers to put your case forward to the Magistrate. We know traffic law inside out and have many years of experience in representing clients in court. Not only do we know what mitigating circumstances can persuade a Magistrate to give a more lenient outcome, we know how to present your case to the Magistrate. You will no doubt be under stress already in your situation, so having to appear in court on your own and present your case in order to get a Special Hardship Order will just add to that. Leave the Special Hardship Order application to us to manage.

A Special Hardship Order is an order that lets you drive under special conditions even though your normal driver licence has been suspended. There are strict criteria for application and a Magistrate may refuse your Special Hardship Order application even if you meet the criteria. You also only get one chance at receiving the order, you can’t reapply if you are declined, so it’s critical that you engage a specialist traffic lawyer such as GC Traffic Lawyers to give you the maximum chance of success. We will manage the whole Special Hardship Order application process for you and represent you in court, giving you the advantage of our years of experience in traffic law.

If your job and lifestyle is at threat due to a Speeding Suspension, give specialist speeding lawyers GC Traffic Lawyers a call on 07 5528 6665. We offer a Money Back Guarantee on our services where we agree an outcome in the first consultation. If we don’t get that outcome, you get your money back, its as simple as that, no questions asked. We service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the corridor in between.