Have you been charged with a speeding offence and face losing your licence or a heavy fine? If you’ve been caught driving more than 40 kilometres/hour over the speed limit, this is deemed a ‘high speed’ offence. In Queensland, high speed offences carry an automatic 6-month licence suspension.

GC Traffic Lawyers can help you avert disaster by earning you a Special Hardship Licence, also known as a Special Hardship Order.

Special Hardship Orders

A Special Hardship Order is an order that lets you drive under special conditions, even if your normal driver’s licence has been suspended. Strict criteria apply, and a magistrate may refuse your Special Hardship Order application if they judge it to be unsatisfactory. You also only get one chance when applying, so it’s critical that you engage a specialist traffic lawyer to give your application the maximum chance of success.

GC Traffic Lawyers will manage the whole Special Hardship Order application process for you and represent you in court, giving you the advantage of our years of experience in traffic law. To learn more about this process, visit out Special Hardship Order page.

How do you get caught speeding?

The police use several methods to catch speeding motorists. While most speed-detection devices are fairly precise, they’re not always 100% accurate. Just because you’ve been issued with an infringement notice for speeding doesn’t mean you have to admit guilt – to avoid being punished for a crime you didn’t commit, there are steps you can take to contest the charge.

Some speeding charges can be challenged using one of the following defences:

  • Testifying that you made an honest and reasonable mistake
  • Contesting the speed alleged.

If you’re planning to contest a speeding charge, it’s important to know the type of device police use to detect and record your speed. There are various processes involved with different speed-detection devices, and having access to this information can help you build a strong case.

Most magistrates won’t accept the kind of excuses most people make for speeding, like confusion over the road rules and running late. To prove that your speeding charge deserves to be dropped, you’ll need to provide a legitimate excuse.

Types of Speed Cameras

Technology has made accurate speed detection much easier. Several different speed-detection devices are now used by the police in Queensland such as:

  1. Mobile Speed Cameras

  2. There are currently over 3,500 mobile speed cameras located throughout Queensland. These cameras are responsible for catching the majority of speeding motorists. The can be used as handheld devices, or positioned on police cars.

  3. Fixed Speed Cameras

  4. Typically positioned on the side of the road, fixed speed cameras are calibrated to automatically detect speeding motorists. They capture an image of the vehicle as it drives past while also recording its speed.

  5. Point-to-Point Speed Cameras

  6. Using two fixed speed cameras positioned on a section of road, point-to-point speed cameras calculate speed by dividing the distance between each camera and the amount of time it takes for the vehicle to pass them.

Regardless of which device caught you out, the same penalties apply to all speeding offences.

Penalties for Speeding Offences

In an effort to combat rising road tolls, penalties for speeding offences have become harsher in recent years. By exceeding the speed limit, you run the risk of being handed a heavy fine, a licence suspension or even jail time. The speed you were travelling at and your traffic history will usually determine the severity of your penalty.

If you get caught driving more than 40 kilometres/hour over the speed limit, avoiding a harsh penalty becomes a lot harder. A high-speed offence is a serious charge, so it makes sense to appoint a speeding lawyer like GC Traffic Lawyers to manage your case. GC Traffic Lawyers know traffic law inside out and have many years’ experience representing clients in court.

Not only do we know what mitigating circumstances can persuade a magistrate to give a more lenient outcome; we’re also experienced at representing speeding cases in court. You’ll no doubt be under stress already, and having to appear in court on your own will only add to your worries. Allowing us to handle your case can make your situation much less stressful.

Speeding Fine Lawyers on the Gold Coast

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