If you have been charged with speeding, in particular a high speed offence, you will need a specialist speeding lawyer to represent you in Court to maximise your chances of not losing your licence or receiving a massive fine. A high speed offence is where you are caught driving at least 40 kilometres over the speed limit. In circumstances such as this, you will be facing losing your licence for 6 months as a minimum.

Specialist Speeding Lawyer – GC Traffic Lawyers

If you find yourself in this situation where you face losing your licence, you have some choices to make. You can represent yourself in Court and face the Magistrate yourself. We strongly advise you not to take this approach. If you are looking to get a Special Hardship Order (also know as a Special Hardship Licence), then you only have one chance to apply, if you are knocked back, that’s it unfortunately, you have lost your chance. This is why we recommend you appoint a specialist speeding lawyer, such as GC Traffic Lawyers, to represent you instead. We prepare and submit Special Hardship Order applications every day for clients, so we understand the process, the documentation required and also the best way to present your defence to a Magistrate to ensure you get the best outcome. Our fees are therefore minor in comparison to the cost you will pay if you represent yourself and are unsuccessful – you could lose your job if you need your car to do your job or if you can no longer get to work each day. Whatsmore, we are so confident in our ability to get you the best outcome possible, we will give you a Money Back Guarantee up front where if we don’t meet the outcome we agree, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. This is something that no other speeding lawyer, or any other law firm for that matter, can match.

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