QLD Drink Driving Laws

Do you understand QLD drink driving laws? If you are caught drink driving, you will have to go to court, there is no avoiding it. You will have to face a Magistrate who will decide the length of disqualification of your licence, the size of your fine and whether your case is serious enough to justify a term of imprisonment.

QLD drink driving laws are therefore serious and the courts have a zero tolerance approach to drink driving. If you do make the mistake of drink driving, you’ll want a team behind you that understands QLD drink driving laws inside out – GC Traffic Lawyers are the specialists in traffic law, its all we do.

QLD drink driving laws – what are the penalties?

If you have been charged with drink driving, the following table shows the maximum penalties you will face:

Blood/breath alcohol concentration (BAC) Max licence disqualification Max fine amount Max term of imprisonment
Over 0.00, but under 0.05 BAC (learner, probationary or provisional licences, and drivers of particular motor vehicles) 9 mths
3 mths
0.05 and over, but under 0.10 9 mths
3 mths
0.10 and over, but under 0.15 12 mths
6 mths
0.15 and over Magistrate’s decision (min of 6 months)
9 mths

If you are a repeat offender then there are a whole range of other consequences you may face including having your car impounded or a lengthier prison term.

Clearly, whatever the specifics of your situation, the outcome of being charged with drink driving could have a significant impact on your livelihood. If you need to drive for your job or if you can’t get to work due to a suspension, then you could lose your job and ability to provide for your family. It is therefore crucial that the engage a specialist traffic lawyer such as GC Traffic Lawyers to represent you in court. We will give you the best chance of saving your licence by applying for a Work Licence QLD for you and also of reducing what can be a significant fine.

We are so confident we can get you the best outcome possible, we offer a Money Back Guarantee on our services. What this means is that we sit down at the start of the process and go through your case. We then agree an outcome, such as getting you a Work Licence QLD, and put it in writing for you. If we don’t meet that outcome, you get your money back, no questions asked. Whatsmore, the initial meeting is free, so there really isn’t any risk to you. So, call GC Traffic Lawyers now on 07 5528 6665 if you need help. We service the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the corridor in between.

QLD drink driving laws source: http://www.qld.gov.au/transport/safety/road-safety/drink-driving/penalties/charged/