Have you been arrested for drink driving and need a Work Licence QLD? In Queensland, drink driving is a serious offence and the attitude of courts here is that it wont be tolerated. That’s why its absolutely imperative that you engage a drink driving lawyer such as GC Traffic Lawyers to represent you in court, rather than represent yourself or go with a non-drink driving lawyer who doesn’t specialise in this area.

A Work Licence is also known as a Restricted Licence and can also be applied for in the case of a drug driving offence. It allows someone who has been convicted of drink driving to drive to and from work, whether they are employed or self employed, provided certain conditions have been met.

To be eligible for a Work Licence QLD, you need to be able show the court that you 1) are a fit and proper person and 2) need a drivers licence to earn a living and if you don’t receive a work licence, your family would be in extreme hardship.

You can apply for a Work Licence QLD yourself, however it is a daunting process going to court and presenting your case to a Magistrate. Also, you must apply before you are convicted and you only get one shot at it, so if you try it yourself and the Magistrate declines your application, you can’t then appoint a drink driving lawyer to represent you and try again – it will be too late and you will lose your licence.

Applying for a Work Licence QLD – Don’t risk losing your licence!

It makes sense to appoint a specialist drink driving lawyer such as GC Traffic Lawyers, when applying for a Work Licence QLD. We know traffic law inside out and also all the case precedents, so we give you a much higher chance of success in applying. We go to court everyday and know how the system works. So, don’t risk representing yourself, it’s just not worth it, call GC Traffic Lawyers on 07 5528 6665. We offer a FREE first consultation and a MoneyBack Guarantee.

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