Why you must notify Queensland Transport and the State Penalties Enforcement Registry of changes of address

Unlicensed driving is one of the most common offences in our traffic law business, yet we have noticed that a large number of our clients are caught for unlicenced driving in circumstances when they were not aware of the suspension of their licence.

This occurs frequently in two situations, namely:-

  1. Where a person is caught for unlicenced driving when they have received a demerit point suspension but were not aware of it because they have not fulfilled their obligation to notify Queensland Transport of a change of address (automatic mandatory 6 month disqualification from driving) and
  2. Where a person is caught for unlicenced driving in circumstances where their licence was suspended by the State Penalties Enforcement Registry and they did not notify SPER of a change of address.

Unfortunately, both of these offences of unlicenced driving carry fixed minimum disqualification periods. In order to establish that a person has been served with a notice of suspension, all that the prosecution need to show is that the notice was sent to the person’s last registered address. It is then assumed to be received by that person unless that person can show that it was not received due to no fault of their own. Examples of this might include situations where a person has mail stolen.

A great many of our clients are therefore caught for unlicenced driving just because they have not notified a change of address. The legislation also states that a person cannot apply for a work licence or a restricted licence for an offence of unlicensed driving. This is because a person can only receive a work or restricted licence where they hold a licence at the time of the offence.

We therefore urge our clients to ensure that they do not caught for unlicenced driving just because they failed to notify a change of address.

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