GC Traffic Lawyers is the leading traffic lawyer on the Gold Coast, defending clients against all traffic offences. We pride ourselves on our record, we’ve never had a Work Licence or Special Hardship Order application declined and have a strong track record in representing clients for the full range of traffic offences and getting big reductions in fines.

What traffic offences do we defend clients for?

Here are just some of the traffic offences we take on for clients:

Drink driving: If you have been charged with drink driving (DUI), its crucial you appoint a specialist traffic lawyer such as GC Traffic Lawyers. We have a 100% record of obtaining Work Licences for our clients.

Drug driving: Drug driving is a serious offence, whether it be for cannabis, ice or ecstasy. GC Traffic Lawyers are specialists in getting Work Licences and big fine reductions for this traffic offence.

High speed offences: A high speed offence is where you are caught going 40km over the speed limit. In these situations, we may be able to get you a Special Hardship Order, also known as a Special Hardship Licence, to keep you on the road. We’ve never had an application refused.

Unlicensed driving: There are many reasons for being caught driving unlicensed. It could be due to an oversight or an unintentional mistake. Whatever the reason, GC Traffic Lawyers can help get you the best possible outcome. We know which arguments are going to be persuasive to a Magistrate and will use that experience for your benefit.

These are just some of the many traffic offences that GC Traffic Lawyers can help with. If you have been charged with a traffic offence, call GC Traffic Lawyers now on 07 5528 6665 for a free initial consultation.