Have you accumulated too many demerit points and are facing losing your licence? Have you been caught driving more than 40 kilometres over the speed limit and deemed as committing a ‘high speed’ offence? The Gold Coast’s leading Traffic Lawyer, GC Traffic Lawyers, can help you avoid disaster by earning you a Special Hardship Licence.

A Special Hardship Order is an order that lets you drive under special conditions even though your normal driver licence has been suspended. You need to apply to the court in writing for a special hardship order. If you get an order from a magistrate, they can put conditions on it which stipulate when you can drive and for what purpose. The order will apply until your licence suspension period ends.

For more information about special hardship orders in Part 14 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Driver Licensing) Regulation 2010, go to www.legislation.qld.gov.au

There are strict criteria for application and a magistrate may refuse your application even if you meet the criteria. You also only get one chance at receiving the order, you cannot reapply if you are declined, so it’s critical that you engage a dedicated traffic lawyer such as GC Traffic Lawyers to give you the maximum chance of success in applying for a Special Hardship Licence.

If your job and lifestyle is at threat due to a Demerit Point Suspension or High Speed Offence and you need a Special Hardship Licence, give GC Traffic Lawyers a call on 07 5528 6665. We offer a Money Back Guarantee on our services where we sit down at the start of the process and agree an outcome in the first consultation. If we don’t get that outcome, you get your money back, no questions asked.

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Special Hardship Licence – Don’t risk losing your licence