We have recently been advertising the services of our exclusive traffic lawyers business on social media, as we believe that there are many people who are not aware of this specialist field of law and what a dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate traffic lawyer can do to improve outcomes.

We have noticed that there is a small section of the readers who have questioned the ethics of being a traffic lawyer. There is a suggestion from those people that offenders should be left to their own devices in courts of law and that it is inappropriate for them to be be represented.

We are very proud of what we do for our clients and we believe that we act ethically and compassionately to the needs of our clients in our role as their traffic lawyer and respectfully to victims in what can be complex situations in which others fear to tread. We have to admit that we are troubled by those contentions. On a general basis we obviously believe in the right of all persons to be represented in courts of law and this extends all the way through from civil disputes to criminal lawyers and to the work of the traffic lawyer.

That being said, we thought that it might be interesting to touch on the reasons why we are proud of what we, as dedicated traffic lawyers on the Gold Coast, achieve for our clients.

We believe that some of the traffic laws in Queensland do not impose a fair penalty on offenders. Take, for example, the penalties involving disqualification from driving. In some cases they are automatically harsh, some might even say draconian. Even a first offender for driving whilst disqualified will receive a mandatory minimum disqualification of 2 years form driving. We are concerned that this often impacts on their families and ability to earn a living on the Gold Coast. In the role of traffic lawyer we hear about this compounding of suffering. The Gold Coast is not a metropolis or capital city with a good public transport system. It is a sprawled area full of small businesses and it is a fact that it is very, very difficult for many people to earn a living without being able to drive. Brisbane is different – there is a really good train and bus network. As a dedicated traffic lawyer on the Gold Coast, we believe that it is really important that we bring this to the attention of the courts so that penalties can take into account the degree of hardship that they create.

There has also been criticism of our role on the social media websites because we suggest that everyone can make a mistake and that everyone deserves to have this explained to a court. We believe that this is fundamental to the role of the traffic lawyer, but some have suggested that the traffic lawyer should not intervene and say this because the choices to break the traffic laws are deliberate.

Our experience in the role of traffic lawyer indicates that we are justified in our belief. Take, for example, a client who attended our office today for a first appointment. She will know her identity, but we shall mask it due to reasons of client confidentiality. She needs a traffic lawyer because she has made some mistakes. She is a single mother, living with her parents, who feels the need to provide what she can for her kids. Unfortunately, she has no real qualifications. She wants her kids to have a better chance in life than herself, so she sends them to a top fee paying school. Her ex husband is unemployed and does not contribute. So she works as a fundraiser – she stands on streets and sells tickets and subscriptions for charities – the person that most of us try to avoid when we walk down the street. She doesn’t earn that much, just enough, and she does that by working 12 or 13 hour days. So her kids spend most of their time with their grandparents. She is busy and stressed – in fact, so stressed that she did not take time to read correspondence given to her. So stressed that she was driving from one job to another and to save time she used her mobile phone. So stressed that she forgot to go to the police station to give her fingerprints and DNA ordered. Yet this is a weekly churchgoer. She is ashamed and devastated to be in trouble at all, she didn’t want it to happen, she just works all day and looks after her kids at night. We are extremely proud that she chose us as her traffic lawyers. We believe in her and will achieve the best outcome possible for her.

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