What is the most popular question that is asked on the telephone of this traffic lawyer? We receive phone calls from potential clients every day. Some of those clients have already made decisions on employing a traffic lawyer, but the most common question that we receive is, ‘Do I really need a traffic lawyer?’

We always tell the client that the decision to employ a traffic lawyer is totally their choice. Most clients persist with asking again if it is a good idea to have a traffic lawyer. We then usually respond by telling the client of a saying that we use amongst ourselves in our traffic lawyer world. That phrase is, ‘Any traffic lawyer who represents themselves has a fool for a client’.

What does this mean? Let us tell you an example of what we mean so that you can work out for yourself if you need a traffic lawyer. Some time ago we attended a local court where a lawyer was representing a client. The matter concluded and then the lawyer stayed at the bar table, and asked the magistrate to take a case in the lawyer’s name. The lawyer then quietly indicated that they were appearing now as the actual defendant in a drink driving matter and proceeded to plead guilty, representing himself.

After what then happened we bet that he wished that he had engaged a traffic lawyer to represent him. He started to speak in mitigation of his offence, but it made him sound as if he was not sorry. This often happens where you choose to represent yourself instead of having a traffic lawyer speak on your behalf. He received a lengthy disqualification.

There are obviously some circumstances in which a person is able to represent themselves and to achieve an excellent result without a traffic lawyer. That being said, we doubt if there would be many (if any) circumstances in which a person representing themselves could obtain as better result than a traffic lawyer.

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