Everyone should be aware of the risks of Drink Driving these days. Its well publicised that drinking and driving can greatly increase the risk of being involved in an accident, with a few high profile cases in the media in the Gold Coast recently. The best way to avoid needing a DUI Lawyer Gold Coast is not to have a drink when you are planning to drive a vehicle.

The Drink Wise website states that if you drink and drive, you are likely to find it difficult to:

  • Judge the speed of your vehicle
  • See and hear normally
  • Judge the distance between your car and other vehicles
  • Notice traffic lights, pedestrians and other hazards
  • Concentrate on driving
  • Keep your balance, especially if you are riding a motorcycle
  • Stay awake when you are driving
  • React appropriately to things going on around you, particularly if an unexpected hazard should suddenly appear.

Alcohol is therefore a powerful suppressant which causes your body and brain functions to slow down affecting your ability to make sound judgements. It gives you a false sense of confidence resulting in you taking more risks than you normally would.

Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is a measure of how much alcohol in your body. Research shows that:

  • At 0.05% BAC your risk of being in a road accident is double what it would be if you hadn’t been drinking
  • At 0.10% BAC your risk of being in a road accident is 7 times what it would be if you hadn’t been drinking
  • At 0.15% BAC your risk of being in a road accident is a massive 25 times what it would be if you hadn’t been drinking

It is therefore clear that Drink Driving is extremely dangerous and should be condoned. GC Traffic Lawyers recognises this but also understands that people make mistakes and one off errors of judgement that can affect their ability to provide for their family if they lose their job as a result of losing their licence. If you have been charged with a Driving Driving offence on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, give GC Traffic Lawyers a call on 07 5528 6665 now. Don’t risk applying for a Work Licence yourself or use a non-specialised lawyer, its just not worth it. Don’t risk losing your licence, go to the leading DUI Lawyer Gold Coast.

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