Have you been arrested for Drink Driving? Drink Driving in Queensland is a serious offence and there is a zero tolerance attitude by the courts. It is critical that you engage a specialist traffic lawyer in order to minimise the suspension and fine received or obtain a Drink Driving Work Licence. A Work Licence can also be applied for in the case of a Drug Driving offence. A Work Licence is also known as a Restricted Licence.

A Work Licence allows a person convicted of drink or drug driving offence to drive to and from work and for purposes directly connected with the means of earning an income. It is available to employed and self-employed people. To be eligible for a Work Licence you must be able to demonstrate to the Court that you:

  • Are a fit and proper person to continue to drive under the authority of a Work Licence


  • Need a driver licence to earn your living, and refusal to make an order for a restricted licence would cause you or your family extreme hardship.

An application for a Drink Driving Work Licence MUST be made before you are convicted and you can’t reapply if you are refused. You only get one shot at it, so don’t risk being represented by a non-specialised lawyer or represent yourself, appoint GC Traffic Lawyers, we have NEVER had an application for a Work Licence refused.  That’s correct, we have a 100% success rate.

If your job and lifestyle is at threat due to a Drink Driving offence, give GC Traffic Lawyers a call on 07 5528 6665 before applying for a Drink Driving Work Licence. We offer a Money Back Guarantee on our services where we sit down at the start of the process and agree an outcome in the first consultation. If we don’t get that outcome, we don’t charge you and you get your money back, no questions asked. Our office is right next door to Southport Magistrates Court. Don’t risk losing your licence!

Drink Driving Work Licence

Drink Driving Work Licence – Don’t risk losing your licence