Have you been charged with Drink Driving in the Gold Coast and needed to appoint drink driving lawyers? GC Traffic Lawyers are drink driving lawyers who specialise in representing clients solely for traffic offences such as drink driving (DUI).

GC Traffic Lawyers understands that drink driving is a serious offence and if you’re caught drink driving the consequences are serious and you will have to appear in court. The length of your licence disqualification and whether you will be fined or sentenced to a term of imprisonment will be decided by a Magistrate.

There are a number of factors that will determine your penalty:

  • Your blood/breath alcohol concentration (BAC)
  • Your traffic history, such as previous drink driving offences

The penalties for a first drink driving offence range from 9 months maximum disqualification and a $1,540 maximum fine to a minimum 6 months disqualification, potentially a lot longer depending on the Magistrates decision, and a $3,080 maximum fine.

If you are a repeat drink driving offender you may have your car impounded, licence disqualified for up to 2 years, be fined up to $6,600 or even be sentenced to a prison term to be determined by the court.

Drink driving lawyers – get help from GC Traffic Lawyers

If you live in the Gold Coast or Brisbane and are charged with a drink driving offence, give GC Traffic Lawyers a call on 07 5528 6665 for a FREE, no obligation consultation. We are specialised drink driving lawyers who are solely dedicated to representing clients who are facing charges for a traffic offence. If you need a Work Licence, you only get one shot at applying and decline rates are much higher if you represent yourself, so don’t take the risk of losing your licence, call GC Traffic Lawyers, the number one drink driving lawyers on the Gold Coast!

Drink Driving Lawyers Source: Queensland Government