Fees Involved

At GC Traffic Lawyers, our fees policy is simple:

  • Our first consultation is FREE
  • We agree a fee up front in writing in the first consultation
  • We have a Money Back Guarantee – we agree an outcome in the first consultation. If we don’t get that outcome, you get your money back, no questions asked.

This is the no-risk policy that we offer to our clients. That’s how confident we are in the service we provide. We have an outstanding success rate and we are willing to back that up by giving your money back if we don’t meet the outcome that we agree in the first consultation.

When you consider the impact on your life of losing your licence, from losing your job, your ability to provide for your family to loss of social life, the cost of engaging a legal firm that is dedicated to traffic law such as GC Traffic Lawyers, is a small price to pay. How would you manage if you lost your job and no longer had an income? Could you survive or 6 months or longer without an income? How would you get the kids to school or to sports on the weekend? These are the stark issues you may face if you lose your licence as a result of a traffic offence.

If you have been charged with a traffic offence such as drink driving, unlicensed driving, speeding or dangerous driving, give GC Traffic Lawyers a call now on 07 5528 6665 to discuss the options available to you.  You may be surprised at how affordable it is to use the services of a specialist traffic lawyer such as GC Traffic Lawyers. We have a fantastic track record in defending clients, saving their licences and achieving massive reductions in fines. In fact, we have a 100% record in obtaining Work Licences and Special Hardship Orders (also known as Special Hardship Licences) for our clients. Call us now on 07 5528 6665 for a discreet conversation.