What are some of the frequently asked questions to a Traffic Lawyer?

As professional traffic lawyers, there are some common questions that people ask about our traffic law services. Whether it be for drink driving, unlicensed driving or a high speed offence, we have the experience in all areas of traffic law to answer your questions on how to save your licence or get a big reduction in fines. We offer a free initial consultation where you can sit down with us and discreetly discuss your personal situation and the best approach to ensure your livelihood isn’t affected by a serious traffic offence.

Why do I need a traffic lawyer, can’t I just represent myself in Court?

You can do that, it’s just not advisable. If you have been charged with a traffic offence such as drink driving, its a serious situation with serious consequences. You will have to appear in Court in front of a Magistrate which can be a daunting experience. You may lose your licence or receive a massive fine, so this is not a situation you want to attempt to represent yourself in order to save some money. If you lose your licence your livelihood could be at stake if it means losing your job. So, it makes sense to appoint expert traffic lawyers such as GC Traffic Lawyers to represent you and give you the best chance of avoiding a very bad outcome. For more, read this blog.

I’ve been charged with drink driving, will I lose my licence?

Drink driving is a serious offence and if you have been charged with a drink driving offence you will receive a licence disqualification. The maximum licence disqualification can be anything from 9 months for someone with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) over 0.05 but under 0.10 to something much higher to be determined by a Magistrate if the BAC is over 0.15. It is possible under certain circumstances and conditions to continue driving by obtaining a Work Licence. For more, read this blog.

Can anyone get a Work Licence?

A Work Licence, also known as a Restricted Licence, can be applied for in the case of a drink or drug driving offence. It allows someone who has been convicted of drink or drug driving to drive to and from work, whether they are employed or self employed, provided certain conditions have been met. To be eligible for a Work Licence QLD, you need to be able show the court that you 1) are a fit and proper person and 2) need a drivers licence to earn a living and if you don’t receive a work licence, your family would be in extreme hardship. It helps if you have a traffic lawyer, such as GC Traffic Lawyers, make a Work Licence application for you and represent you in Court as they will know the arguments that are going to persuade a Magistrate to grant you a Work Licence QLD. Read more on Work Licence’s.

What’s the difference between a Work Licence and a Special Hardship Order?

A Work Licence is a restricted licence which can be granted to someone who has been charged with drink driving or drug driving. A Special Hardship Order, also know as a Special Hardship Licence, is similar in that it is a special licence that can keep you on the road in cases where someone has lost their licence for either a high speed offence, accumulation of too many demerit points or other special cases.

Is it possible to get a disqualification removed?

Yes, it is possible, but only after 2 years of being disqualified.  After this time, you can apply to have the disqualification removed so you can reapply for your licence. There is a strict criteria however to meet when applying for removal of disqualification from driving and you will need to convince the Court that you deserve to have your disqualification removed. Its critical that you engage a specialist traffic lawyer, such as GC Traffic Lawyers, to give you the best chance of achieving removal of disqualification from driving.  For more on this, read our disqualification removal page.

I was driving unlicensed and didn’t realise it, can I just plead ignorance to get off? 

No, however, if you have a specialist traffic lawyer such as GC Traffic Lawyers representing you, we can plead your case in the best possible light to reduce what otherwise may be a significant penalty and heavy fine. If you have made an honest mistake in driving unlicensed unintentionally, then we will know how to position your argument to get the best possible outcome, as we have years of experience in dealing with cases such as these.