If you are looking for a Gold Coast DUI Lawyer, look no further than GC Traffic Lawyers. GC Traffic Lawyers is led by gun lawyer David Gilmore, who has over 25 years experience is defending the rights of his clients. His track record in getting outstanding outcomes for his clients is second to none.

Why you need a Gold Coast DUI Lawyer

DUI, or drink driving, is a serious offence. GC Traffic Lawyers acknowledges this and in no way advocates or excuses breaking the law in this way. People however make mistakes. Whether its misjudging the amount of alcohol you have drunk or driving the morning after a big night out, sometimes ordinary people break the law and put themselves or the public in danger. In a free and democratic society, people are entitled to legal representation. And in circumstances such as these, there is no better representation than that provided by GC Traffic Lawyers, the leading Gold Coast DUI Lawyer.

Using one of the examples above, if you have been on a big night out and drink a large amount of alcohol, go to sleep and then drive your vehicle in the morning, you could be picked up by an RBT and still be over the limit. In may not have been your intention to drive over the limit, however that is irrelevant, you will still be charged with drink driving and have to appear in Court. If you have never been to Court, then it can be a daunting experience. Rather than represent yourself in this situation, it makes sense to appoint a Gold Coast DUI lawyer to represent you. GC Traffic Lawyers know traffic law like the back of their hand and know the arguments which are going to be persuasive to a Magistrate in order to get you a Work Licence QLD or a large fine reduction.

Don’t risk losing your licence. Call GC Traffic Lawyers now on 07 5528 6665 for a free initial discussion. We also offer a Money Back Guarantee – if we don’t get you an agreed outcome, you get your money back.