Drug driving is a serious offence in QLD. It is vitally important if you have been charged with drug driving that you appoint a specialist traffic lawyer, such as GC Traffic Lawyers. We’ve been defending clients on the Gold Coast and all over QLD for years and know traffic law and the rules regarding drug driving offences inside out.

Drug Driving QLD – The Process for Drug Testing

What drugs will you be tested for? If the police ask you to provide a saliva sample it will be for the purpose of testing for:

• THC — active ingredient in cannabis

• Methylamphetamine — ice or speed

• MDMA — active ingredient in ecstasy

The test will be a simple saliva test that will take around 3-5 minutes. If a positive result is returned you will be required to undertake a second test for confirmation. If your second test is positive, your driver licence will be suspended for 24 hours whilst your sample will be sent to a laboratory for further tests. If that test is confirmed as positive you will be charged with a drug driving offence. There is a zero tolerance approach to drug driving – if any amount of illicit drugs are found in your system, then you will be facing a penalty.

Drug Driving QLD – What are the penalties?

For a first offence you could be disqualified from driving for up to 3 months and fined up to $1593. For multiple offences, the penalties can be much more severe. Can you afford to have a lengthy driving suspension? Do you rely on your ability to drive to and from work or even need to drive to maintain your job? If so, then yours and your family’s livelihood is at risk. It therefore makes sense to have a specialised traffic lawyer such as GC Traffic Lawyers represent you in Court. We have a 100% record in obtaining Work Licences for our clients, keeping them on the road despite being convicted of a drug driving offence.

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