Drug Driving

Have you been arrested for drug driving? In Queensland, it’s a serious offence to operate a vehicle while under the influence of drugs. Regardless of how much time has passed since you took the drugs, you may lose your licence if any trace of them is found in your system.

In these kinds of legal matters, it’s critical to engage an experienced drug driving lawyer to minimise your fine or suspension period. GC Traffic Lawyers has a team of experienced drug driving lawyers servicing the Gold Coast and Brisbane. If you want to make the best of a bad situation, we can provide you with expert legal advice.

Drug Driving Penalties in Queensland

The police take a zero-tolerance approach to drug driving in Queensland. The penalty you receive may depend on whether you were affected by drugs at the time of your arrest.

If drugs were found in your system but you did not appear to be under the influence, this is referred to as ‘driving with a relevant drug present’. If the police have reason to believe you were affected by drugs at the time of your roadside test, you may face a more serious charge known as ‘driving under the influence of liquor or a drug’. The penalties for this offence with regards to fine, licence suspension and potential jail time are far more severe.

No matter what kind of penalty you’re facing, going to court on a drug driving charge can be a nerve-wracking experience. Your chances of achieving the best possible outcome will be significantly lower without proper legal representation. Our drug driving lawyers representing clients on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane work exclusively with matters involving traffic legislation. This means you can trust us to handle your case as we have the required travel law expertise.

Drug Driving Tests

Drug drivers can now be caught through a simple roadside test. The police are able to detect the following drugs simply by taking a swab of saliva:

  • Methylamphetamine – Commonly referred to as speed or ice
  • MDMA – The active ingredient found in ‘party drugs’ like ecstasy
  • THC – The active ingredient in cannabis.

If you test positive for any of these substances, you will be asked to provide a second sample. If your second test also comes back positive, you licence will be suspended immediately, typically for a period of 24 hours.

Both samples you have provided will then be sent to a laboratory for further analysis. The saliva test works by detecting a drug’s active ingredients, some of which are included in prescription drugs as well as illicit substances. You may return a positive test even if you only have a small amount of drugs in your system.

Drug Driving Work Licences

In Queensland, a Work Licence allows motorists who have been charged with a drug driving offence to use their vehicle for purposes related to earning income.

Applications for Work Licences must be made before your conviction and you can’t reapply if your Work Licence application is declined. You only have one chance to prove that you meet the criteria for a Work Licence, so don’t risk employing non-specialised legal representation. Our drug driving lawyers are experienced in this matter and can help you secure a Work Licence.

GC Traffic Lawyers have never had a Work Licence application refused. That’s right – we have a 100% success rate. To find out if you’re eligible for this type of licence, please visit our Work Licence Application QLD page today.

Drug Driving FAQs

Can I be charged with drug driving even if I have a prescription/have taken over-the-counter drugs?

Yes, if the police believe you were under the influence of a drug that impaired your driving abilities. Even if you have taken a perfectly legal substance, you may still be charged. The saliva test used to catch drug drivers will not usually detect prescription medications, unless they contain ingredients also found in illegal substances. Always check with your doctor that any medication you’re on is safe to take while driving.

Will I have to attend court for a drink driving charge?

In most cases, yes, you will have to attend court. The majority of motorists charged with drug driving offences will have to face a Magistrate who will decide their penalty. Engaging a lawyer can make this process less daunting.

Will I be charged with a less serious offence if only a small amount of drugs were detected in my system?

When undergoing the roadside saliva test, you will either return a positive or negative result. The test is not designed to indicate specific quantities, meaning that it likely won’t matter how much of the drug is in your system.

Can I refuse to take a roadside drug test?

Refusing to take a roadside drug test is a serious offence. You could be disqualified from driving for up to 2 years and risk being fined up to $7,314 or even getting prison time.

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