If you need a DUI lawyer Brisbane, Gold Coast or anywhere in Queensland, call GC Traffic Lawyers on 07 5528 6665. We are the leading traffic lawyers in Queensland and are the only law firm that will offer a Money Back Guarantee on our services. If you have been charged with DUI or any other traffic offence and you need representation, we sit down with you at the start of the process and agree what outcome we can get for you. If we don’t get that outcome, you get your money back, as simple as that. There is no other DUI lawyer Brisbane or from anywhere else in Queensland for that matter, that will offer you this peace of mind. That’s how confident we are in our service.

DUI Lawyer Brisbane and Gold Coast – Queensland’s number 1!

What are the scenarios you could come to us and receive our Money Back Guarantee? We specialise in traffic law and therefore take on all cases in this field. For example:

1. Drink driving – you are charged with DUI and need a Work Licence QLD to stay on the road to keep your job

2. High speed offence – you have been caught driving more than 40k’s over the limit and need a Special Hardship Order to retain your licence

3. Unlicensed driving – you didn’t notice your licence had expired or been suspended, so you need to convince a Magistrate that you have made an honest mistake

4. Demerit point suspensionyou have accumulated too many demerit points and face losing your licence, so you need a Special Hardship Order to keep you on the road

5. Careless driving or dangerous driving – you have been charged with either of these offences and face losing your licence, a massive fine or even jail time.

These are all serious offences which can have an impact on your way of life. What may seem like a simple mistake or error of judgement could mean you lose your job and your ability to provide for your family. Its therefore crucial that you appoint a specialist traffic lawyer, like GC Traffic Lawyers, to represent you in Court. Its not worth representing yourself or getting a non-specialised law firm to represent you. Call us now on 07 5528 6665 for a free, discreet discussion. The number 1 DUI lawyer Brisbane, Gold Coast and everywhere else in Queensland.