Drink driving statistics in Australia are quite alarming.  Drink driving statistics across Australia vary, however roughly 1 in 5 of all fatal accidents involve drink driving as a factor. Around a third of all drink drivers involved in fatal accidents are aged between 17-24. And most of those involved in fatal accidents are male. So, its clear drink driving has a big impact on road fatalities and young males are heavily over represented. There is therefore a big challenge in educating this group of the dangers of drink driving.

Irrespective of whether you fall into this demographic, would you know what to do if you are charged with drink driving? What if it involves dangerous driving causing death? GC Traffic Lawyers have years of experience in dealing with cases such as these. These are serious offences with serious consequences, so you will need specialist, expert representation in Court. Loss of licence, enormous fines and even jail time are potential outcomes so it is imperative that you appoint a specialist traffic lawyer to defend you in Court. There are many law firms that will say they can represent you, however they may not specialise in the area of traffic law, in which case it is a big gamble to appoint a law firm that manages many different areas of law but specialises in none.

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