Have you been caught drink driving in QLD? If so, you should call the leading drink driving solicitors, GC Traffic Lawyers, now on 07 5528 6665 for a free and discreet initial discussion. Drink driving is a serious offence with serious implications, therefore its imperative that you engage a qualified traffic lawyer to represent you in Court.

Drink driving solicitors – GC Traffic Lawyers are No.1

GC Traffic Lawyers are led by David Gilmore, a drink driving solicitor, with over 25 years experience in defending clients against many traffic offences. David has seen first hand the impact a drink driving suspension can have on someone. If you are the main bread winner and need to drive to work everyday, how will you handle being suspended for 6 months or more? What if you need to drive to perform your work duties? Will you be able to keep your job? Can you afford to pay a huge fine as well? These are the sort of questions that come into sharp focus for many people as soon as they are charged with drink driving.

When facing these questions, it becomes clear that appointing a specialist drink driving solicitor such as GC Traffic Lawyers makes sense. Here are the reasons why:

  • Expert advice – we will sit down with you at the start of the process and set down clear expectations of whether we can get you a Work Licence or large fine reduction. The initial conversation is free of charge.
  • Expert representation – We have represented countless clients in Court for a whole range of traffic offences over many years. We have never had a Work Licence application declined.
  • Money back guarantee – If we don’t meet the outcome that we agree in the initial meeting, we’ll refund your fee in full.

Its just not worth risking representing yourself in Court if you have been charged with drink driving. If you apply for a Work Licence yourself and get declined, then that’s the only chance you get, you cant apply again through a traffic lawyer. Call GC Traffic Lawyers now and see how we can help you – 07 5528 6665.