Do you know what the drink drive limit is in Australia? The drink drive limit is determined by the concentration of alcohol in your blood, known as Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). The legal BAC limit depends on the licence you hold and or the vehicle you are driving. For the average driver not on a provisional licence of a normal vehicle, the legal drink drive limit is a BAC level of 0.05. The below table outlines the legal BAC levels for your licence or situation if you are in Queensland.

Licence or situation Legal blood/breath alcohol concentration (BAC)
All learner, P1/P2 provisional, probationary or restricted licence holders (regardless of age)
All licence holders learning to drive the next higher class of licence under the authority of their provisional, probationary or open licenceAll class RE motorcycle licence holders for the first 12 months of holding their class RE motorcycle provisional, probationary, restricted or open licence
(‘no alcohol’ limit)
Open licence holders
(However, if you obtain your class RE motorcycle licence, you must ride with a zero BAC in your first year of riding, regardless of your age or the type of vehicle licence you hold)
Below 0.05
(general alcohol limit)
All licence holders when driving, or in charge of a:

  • truck (any motor vehicle weighing over 4.5t)
  • a bus (built or fitted to carry more than 12 adults, including the driver)
  • an articulated motor vehicle (e.g. B-double, or road train)
  • a vehicle carrying a placard load of dangerous goods
  • a taxi, limousine, or public passenger vehicle
  • a tow truck, pilot vehicle or escort vehicle escorting an oversize vehicle
  • a vehicle being used by a driver trainer to give driver training
  • a specially constructed vehicle, including a tractor.
(‘no alcohol’ limit)


The drink drive limit is 0.05 for most people, which means you should drink no more than two standard drinks in the first hour and one per hour thereafter (for the average sized male); or drink no more than one standard drink per hour (for the average sized female).

The best bet though is if you are intending to drive, just don’t drink. The penalties for drink driving are severe, you will lose you licence if you are caught driving over the limit. If this has happened to you, call GC Traffic Lawyers for the best advice on what your options are. In certain circumstances we can get you a Work Licence which allows you to drive to and from work. We may also be able to get your fine greatly reduced. Call GC Traffic Lawyers now on 07 5528 6665 for a free initial consultation.


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