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Drink driving is a serious offence and will result in your licence being disqualified. It is possible however to stay on the road if you get a Work Licence. A Work Licence, also known as a Restricted Licence, allows someone convicted of a drink driving offence to drive to and from work, whether they are employed, or self employed, under certain circumstances. To be eligible to receive a Work Licence you need to show the Court that you:

  1. Are a fit and proper person
  2. Need a drivers licence to earn a living and would face financial hardship without one

There is also an exhaustive list of conditions that you need to meet, please refer to ourĀ Work Licence page for the detail.

It’s important to note that it’s not a simple process to get a Work Licence. If you choose to do the Work Licence application yourself and get declined, then you can’t reapply, you only get one chance. That’s why its so important to appoint a traffic lawyer, such as GC Traffic Lawyers, to represent you in Court. We have years of experience in making Work Licence applications and we have never had one declined. When your livelihood is at stake, it’s not worth taking the risk of representing yourself or using a lawyer that isn’t highly skilled in cases of traffic law and DUI.

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