Do you know what the legal Blood Alcohol Limit or Concentration is? Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is a measure of alcohol in your body, expressed as grams of alcohol per 100mls of blood. For a BAC of 0.05, every 100mls of your blood contains 0.05 grams of alcohol. Your BAC can be measured through your breath, blood and urine. GC Traffic Lawyers are specialists in defending clients who have been charged with drink driving. Call them on 07 5528 6665 if you need some help or advice.

Blood Alcohol Limit – What are the legal levels?

Below is a table showing the legal BAC levels for each licence class or age:

Licence class or age

Legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC)

Holder of a learner, P1/P2 provisional or probationary licence (regardless of age).

(no alcohol limit)

Holder of an open licence.
(However, if you obtain your class RE motorcycle licence, you must ride with a zero BAC in your first year of riding, regardless of your age or the class of vehicle licence you hold).

Below 0.05
(general alcohol limit)

Holder of a licence when driving, or in charge of, a truck (GVM over 4.5t), bus (built or fitted to carry more than 12 adults, including the driver), articulated motor vehicle, B-double, road train, vehicle carrying dangerous goods, taxi, limousine, tow truck, pilot vehicle, and public passenger vehicle or a vehicle while it is being used by a driver trainer to give driver training (or any driver supervising a learner driver).

(no alcohol limit)

The reason the blood alcohol limits are set at these levels is due to the effect that alcohol has on a person and their ability to drive. As you can see from the table below, the chances of having an accident are greatly increased the higher the blood alcohol limit reached.

BAC Level Effects from alcohol on driving
0.02 to 0.05
  • Reduced ability to see or locate moving lights correctly
  • Reduced ability to judge distances
  • Increased tendency to take risks
  • Decreased ability to respond to several stimuli
  • Twice as likely to have a crash as before they started drinking
0.05 to 0.08
  • Further reduction in your ability to judge distances
  • Impaired sensitivity to red lights
  • Slower reactions
  • Shorter concentration span
  • Five times more likely to have a crash than before you started drinking
0.08 to 0.12
  • Overestimate abilities
  • “Euphoria” sets in
  • Reckless driving
  • Impaired peripheral vision (resulting in accidents due to hitting vehicles while passing)
  • Impaired perception of obstacles
  • Ten times more likely to have a crash

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