Traffic Lawyers Gold Coast

If you are looking for traffic lawyers Gold Coast, then GC Traffic Lawyers are the only choice. We are the only traffic lawyers offering a free initial consultation and a Money Back Guarantee. This is not only something that no other traffic lawyers Gold Coast can match, but no other traffic lawyer in Queensland offers this.

Here’s […]

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Traffic Offence Lawyers

If you have been charged with a traffic offence it makes sense to appoint a traffic offence lawyer doesn’t it? Traffic offence lawyers, such as GC Traffic Lawyers, specialise in cases solely to do with traffic offences which means they will have a much higher level of expertise and experience in this field than a […]

DUI lawyers

If you have been caught drink driving then it absolutely imperative that you consult DUI lawyers, such as GC Traffic Lawyers, to get an assessment of the chances of avoiding losing your licence or getting a massive fine. Many people baulk at appointing specialist DUI lawyers, or any law firm for that matter, as they […]

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Special Hardship Order

A Special Hardship Order, also know as a Special Hardship Licence, is an order that lets you drive under special conditions when your normal licence has been suspended. A Special Hardship Order is an option where you have lost your licence for reasons such as a high speed offence, accumulation of too many demerit points […]

Drink Driving Lawyer

If you have been caught drink driving, it is crucial you appoint a specialist drink driving lawyer, such as GC Traffic Lawyers, to represent you in court. You can represent yourself or even appoint a large law firm who says that they can represent you as its one of the things that they do, however […]

DUI Lawyers Brisbane

Looking for DUI lawyers Brisbane? GC Traffic Lawyers not only services the Gold Coast, but also Brisbane and the corridor in between.

There are many options to consider with regards to defending yourself in court against a drink driving charge. You can choose to represent yourself and face the Magistrate on your own in court. This […]

Work Licence QLD

Have you been arrested for drink driving and need a Work Licence QLD? In Queensland, drink driving is a serious offence and the attitude of courts here is that it wont be tolerated. That’s why its absolutely imperative that you engage a drink driving lawyer such as GC Traffic Lawyers to represent you in court, […]

Drink Driving Lawyers

Have you been charged with Drink Driving in the Gold Coast and needed to appoint drink driving lawyers? GC Traffic Lawyers are drink driving lawyers who specialise in representing clients solely for traffic offences such as drink driving (DUI).

GC Traffic Lawyers understands that drink driving is a serious offence and if you’re caught drink driving […]

Using A Mobile Phone While Driving

Almost everyone is guilty of using their mobile phone while driving. Now that so many of us rely on mobile technology, keeping your eyes off your phone for even a few minutes can be challenging. The next time you’re tempted to answer a call, reply to a message or check Facebook while driving, remember what’s […]

Unlicensed driving – change of address

Why you must notify Queensland Transport and the State Penalties Enforcement Registry of changes of address
Unlicensed driving is one of the most common offences in our traffic law business, yet we have noticed that a large number of our clients are caught for unlicenced driving in circumstances when they were not aware of the suspension […]