Drug driving QLD

Drug driving is a serious offence in QLD. It is vitally important if you have been charged with drug driving that you appoint a specialist traffic lawyer, such as GC Traffic Lawyers. We’ve been defending clients on the Gold Coast and all over QLD for years and know traffic law and the rules regarding drug driving […]

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Traffic offences

GC Traffic Lawyers is the leading traffic lawyer on the Gold Coast, defending clients against all traffic offences. We pride ourselves on our record, we’ve never had a Work Licence or Special Hardship Order application declined and have a strong track record in representing clients for the full range of traffic offences and getting big reductions […]

Work Licence Application in QLD

Have you been arrested for drink driving or drug driving and need to make a Work Licence application in QLD? Drink driving and drug driving are serious offences in QLD and will be treated accordingly in a Magistrates Court. Getting a Work Licence is not a given, you have to meet certain stringent criteria, so […]

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Dangerous Driving Causing Death

Dangerous driving causing death is a serious traffic offence. The penalties for dangerous driving can be severe, particularly in the case where death or grievous bodily harm is caused to another person. It is critical in cases such as these that you appoint a specialised traffic lawyer, such as GC Traffic Lawyers, to defend you […]

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Traffic Lawyer Gold Coast

GC Traffic Lawyers – the leading traffic lawyer Gold Coast. There simply is no other traffic lawyer Gold Coast that will offer you all of the following:

A free initial consultation so that we can fully understand your requirements and details of your offence
A 100% record in obtaining Work Licences and Special Hardship Orders (aka Special […]

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Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer

Are you looking for a Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer? GC Traffic Lawyers is the leading traffic lawyer on the Gold Coast. We have years of experience representing clients who are facing charges for drink driving, drug driving, unlicensed driving, speeding, dangerous driving, careless driving and any other traffic offence you can imagine.
Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer | […]

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Gold Coast Traffic Lawyers

Are due to face Court to defend a drug or drink driving (DUI) charge? Have you accumulated too many demerit points on your licence? Have you been charged with a high speed offence for driving in excess of 40km’s over the speed limit? Have you been caught driving unlicensed whether inadvertently or not? GC Traffic […]

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Traffic Appeals

Do you need to appeal against a finding by a Court or an Order for a Traffic or Vehicle Infringement Notice? Do you believe that you have been unfairly targeted? At GC Traffic Lawyers, Gold’s Coast leading traffic lawyers, we have the knowledge and experience through all stages of a traffic matter, to assist you […]

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Gold Coast DUI Lawyer

If you are looking for a Gold Coast DUI Lawyer, look no further than GC Traffic Lawyers. GC Traffic Lawyers is led by gun lawyer David Gilmore, who has over 25 years experience is defending the rights of his clients. His track record in getting outstanding outcomes for his clients is second to none.
Why you […]

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Drug Driving Lawyers

Just like random breath tests, you can be pulled over in Queensland by the police and tested for drugs with a roadside random saliva test. If you have been caught drug driving, it highly advisable that you appoint specialist drug driving lawyers, like GC Traffic Lawyers, to defend you in Court. Specialist drug driving lawyers will […]

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