Traffic Lawyers Brisbane

Are you looking for a traffic lawyer in Brisbane, the Gold Coast or the corridor in between? If you have been caught drink driving, drug driving, driving without a licence or have been charged with a high speed offence or any other traffic offence, call GC Traffic Lawyers now on 07 5528 6665.
Traffic Lawyers Brisbane […]

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Drink Driving Penalties

The penalties for drink driving in Queensland are severe. Irrespective of the legal limit for alcohol consumption, it makes sense to avoid alcohol if you are planning to drive, its just not worth the risk.
What Are the Key Stats with Regards to Drink Driving Penalties?
The following penalties are for a first offence….

Blood/breath alcohol concentration (BAC)
Licence […]

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Drink Driving Statistics Australia

Drink driving statistics in Australia are quite alarming.  Drink driving statistics across Australia vary, however roughly 1 in 5 of all fatal accidents involve drink driving as a factor. Around a third of all drink drivers involved in fatal accidents are aged between 17-24. And most of those involved in fatal accidents are male. So, its […]

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Careless Driving QLD

Careless driving in QLD is a serious offence which can result in severe penalties of up to 6 months imprisonment and a 40 penalty unit fine of $4000. Careless driving is defined in QLD legislation as follows: Any person who drives a motor vehicle on a road or elsewhere without due care and attention or without […]

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Driving while disqualified QLD

Have you been caught driving while disqualified? Driving while disqualified is a serious offence in QLD, particularly given that it is seen as an affront to the Court system and Magistrate as you have ignored a direct order not to drive a motor vehicle. Call GC Traffic Lawyers now on 07 5528 6665 for some […]

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Dangerous Driving QLD

Dangerous driving is one of the most serious traffic offences in QLD. As a result, the penalties can be severe with a prison term a possibility, large fines of up to $4,000 and long licence suspensions. If you cause the death or grievous bodily harm to another person through dangerous driving and you were under […]

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Traffic Offences QLD

GC Traffic Lawyers deals with numerous traffic offences in QLD. We are the leading law firm who specialises in defending clients who are faced with traffic offences such as:

Drink Driving (DUI): 

For a standard open licence in QLD, the legal limit, or legal Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), is 0.05. Drink driving is a serious offence and if […]

Unlicensed Driving QLD

Driving without a licence in QLD is a serious offence. GC Traffic Lawyers are seasoned traffic lawyers that have many years experience in dealing with traffic offences such as unlicensed driving. Call GC Traffic Lawyers now if you have been charged with unlicensed driving in QLD, we offer a free initial consultation and a money back guarantee.
Unlicensed […]

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Drug driving QLD

Drug driving is a serious offence in QLD. It is vitally important if you have been charged with drug driving that you appoint a specialist traffic lawyer, such as GC Traffic Lawyers. We’ve been defending clients on the Gold Coast and all over QLD for years and know traffic law and the rules regarding drug driving […]

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Traffic offences

GC Traffic Lawyers is the leading traffic lawyer on the Gold Coast, defending clients against all traffic offences. We pride ourselves on our record, we’ve never had a Work Licence or Special Hardship Order application declined and have a strong track record in representing clients for the full range of traffic offences and getting big reductions […]