Drink driving fines

Do you know what the drink driving fines are for a DUI offence in Queensland? Drink driving is obviously a serious offence and if you are caught you will be facing a significant drink driving fine as well as a licence suspension. This can have significant consequences for you and your family. Can you afford […]

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Traffic Offence Lawyers Brisbane

Are you looking for a traffic offence lawyer in Brisbane? GC Traffic Lawyers are experienced traffic lawyers who handle all cases of traffic law and we service Brisbane, Gold Coast and the corridor in between. Go to our areas of service page to see if we cover your area.
What can our traffic offence lawyers help […]

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Drink driving penalties QLD

Do you know what the drink driving penalties are in QLD? Drink driving is a serious offence with significant penalties. If you have been caught drink driving, you will need to appear before a Magistrate in Court. The length of disqualification, size of the fine you receive and whether you go to jail will depend on […]

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Drink driving lawyer Brisbane

Do you need a drink driving lawyer in Brisbane? GC Traffic Lawyers are Queensland’s leading drink driving lawyers and service Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the corridor in between. We have over 25 years experience in law and have achieved outstanding results for our clients in that time.
Why would I need a drink driving lawyer?
That’s a […]

Consequences of drink driving

What are the consequences of drink driving? The consequences are serious and involve loss of licence, massive fines and the subsequent impact on your lifestyle. This is not to mention the impact you can have on others, with drink driving being a significant factor in traffic accidents and resulting injuries and fatalities. If you have […]

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Demerit Point Suspension

Have you accumulated too many demerit points and are facing a demerit point suspension? Sometimes you just don’t notice how many demerit points you are accumulating and before you know it you have gone over the limit and are facing losing your licence. Can you afford to lose your licence? How will you get to and from […]

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Drink driving limit Australia

Do you know what the drink drive limit is in Australia? The drink drive limit is determined by the concentration of alcohol in your blood, known as Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC). The legal BAC limit depends on the licence you hold and or the vehicle you are driving. For the average driver not on a […]

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Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyers

If you live in or around Brisbane and are facing a DUI offence, call the leading Brisbane drink driving lawyers, GC Traffic Lawyers now on 07 5528 6665. We are specialists in traffic law and have years of experience in defending clients for cases of DUI and other traffic offences.
The Leading Brisbane Drink Driving Lawyers
Drink […]

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Brisbane Traffic Lawyers

Are you looking for Brisbane traffic lawyers because you have been charged with a traffic offence such as drink driving (DUI), unlicensed driving or speeding? GC Traffic Lawyers are the number 1 traffic lawyers in Queensland, with clients all over the state with a focus on Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the corridor in between […]

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Penalties for drink driving

Do you know the penalties for drink driving in Queensland? Drink driving, or DUI, is considered an extremely serious offence. If you have been pulled over for a breath test and you blow over a Blood Alcohol Limit (BAC) of 0.05, then you will be arrested, even if it is your first offence. You will […]

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