GC Traffic Lawyers is led by David Gilmore, a solicitor with over 25 years experience. David has spent his entire career defending the best interests of his clients with relentless passion and has achieved outstanding success rates. David has built a reputation for being friendly and approachable, whilst being a hard-nosed defense lawyer driving results that make a real difference to his client’s lives.

GC Traffic Lawyers is a specialist traffic lawyer based in Southport on the Gold Coast, conveniently located right next to the Magistrates Court. We service all of the Gold Coast as well as Brisbane and the corridor between the cities. If you are facing losing your licence or a significant fine for a traffic offence such as Drink Driving, Drug Driving, Speeding, Driving While Disqualified or Unlicensed, Dangerous Driving or Demerit Points come to us. We know the law inside out and will give you the best chance of getting you a Special Hardship License or Work License QLD or a greatly reduced fine.

What makes us different to most other Gold Coast lawyers who represent people facing a charge for a traffic offence is that we specialise in traffic law – that’s all we do. Most other Gold Coast lawyers represent clients for a broad range of legal cases and, as a result, may not have the level of expertise that we have with regards to traffic law. By specialising in traffic law, we focus on cases such as DUI and Unlicensed Driving every day and have therefore seen and heard every case in traffic law you can imagine. We know the Magistrates and what sort of arguments are required to get you a favourable outcome in your circumstances. Its this sort of experience and knowledge that makes it essential that you go with a law firm dedicated to traffic law, like GC Traffic Lawyers, if you have been charged with a traffic offence.

Its also risk free to use our services because we offer a free initial consultation and a Money Back Guarantee – what this means is that we sit down at the start of the process and agree an outcome in the first consultation. If we don’t get that outcome, you get your money back, no questions asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! Call us now, your specialist traffic and drink driving lawyers, on 07 5528 6665 for a free consultation.